Heritage FAQ

  Heritage FAQ  
What time are the various services at Heritage?

Sunday morning worship is at 9:45 AM EST.

Wednesday night events are at 7:00 PM EST.


What does Heritage Bible Church teach about water baptism and Communion/The Lord's Supper?

We believe that Jesus Christ commanded the observance of this ordinance. Water baptism is to be performed after a person receives the message of Salvation and places their faith in Jesus Christ.  We practice immersion because we believe it is the best representation of the symbolic meaning of baptism, meaning the believer's identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the observance of the Lord's Supper was commanded by Jesus.  It is to be observed regularly until He returns.  Observing this ordinance proclaims His death and is done in remembrance of what He has done for us on the cross.

What is the worship music like at Heritage?

We desire our worship music to be honoring to our Lord Jesus Christ.  With that in mind, we seek to use songs, traditional and contemporary, that contain lyrics which express the greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Also, since Colossians 3:16 instructs us to teach each other with song, we believe the songs must have lyrics which teach biblical truths.

How should I dress when I visit Heritage?

Worshipers at Heritage wear clothing that ranges from t-shirts, shorts and sandals to 3 piece suits.  

What children's ministries are offered at Heritage?

We offer Sunday School on Sunday mornings where the children are taught the truths of the Bible.

Wednesday nights we offer Heritage Kids.  Heritage kids is a program in which we seek to teach core doctrinal truths to the children.

What is available for teens?

We offer Sunday School on Sunday mornings where Biblical truths are taught.

Wednesday nights we offer teaching and fellowship for the teens.  Again, the focus is on teaching them the truths of Scripture.  

Are there other learning/fellowship opportunities during the week?

We offer Wednesday night Bible study and prayer time for the entire family.

We have monthly fellowship meals following the Sunday service.